The main products generated by the Watchkeeping System are described below:

  • ANNUAL REPORT ON GLOBAL TRENDS: The Global Trends Report gathers the main long-term trends, carrying out annually a comprehensive analysis of the major transformative global forces that will define the future world with an impact on societies, economies, cultures and personal lives.

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  • SIX-MONTHLY INTELLIGENCE REPORTS (MONITORING OF KEY FACTORS/CHALLENGES): These are reports that analytically summarize the main milestones and events detected by the Watchkeeping System in the last semester and refer to the key variables and monitoring indicators defined.

  • THEMATIC PROSPECTIVE BULLETINS: Dissemination of thematic quarterly bulletins on one of the key variables defined in order to highlight the main milestones collected on this variable in the quarter.

  • PROSPECTIVE DOCUMENTS REPOSITORY: Database of prospective documents linked to the key variables defined in the Watchkeeping System with the usual documentary functionalities (search, classification, etc. ).

  • OTHERS: Reports and prospective analysis on demand related to the key variables defined in the Watchkeeping System.