The purpose of the Delphi method is to highlight convergences of opinion and to make certain consensuses emerge around precise issues, through questions to experts, providing clarity about areas of uncertainty and allowing a systematic contrast of the most relevant trends.

The results of the Delphi interviews with experts are shown below:

  • In 2021, we conducted a Delphi survey of local and international experts on the CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITIES that aging can bring in the coming years and the results have made it possible to identify the global phenomena and processes that will transform society in the long term.

    Link to the Delphi 2021 report

  • In 2022, we launched a second Delphi survey aimed at local experts to analyze the potential FUTURE FACTORS most critical for their IMPACT on the social and economic challenges associated with AGING at the local level and their impact horizon.

    Link to the Delphi 2022 report