Watchkeeping Systems


The Watchkeeping Systems or prospective-strategic surveillance systems are observatories or environmental analysis tools based on strategic foresight tools and methodologies when defining the key areas or factors to be monitored. It is not only a question of identifying the relevant strategic factors today as in traditional observatories, but also of establishing the list of key variables of a system for the future. Watchkeeping Systems therefore provide a more long-term view of the strategic elements, compared to the usual monitoring approaches (comprehensive scoreboard, synthetic indicator systems, etc.), and are therefore used as the last phase of the prospective strategic planning process for decision-making. Thus, a system monitors key factors or variables of an entity or organization.

As a result of the Delphi consultations, the following STRATEGIC CHALLENGES of Ageing have been defined and prioritized in Gipuzkoa:

  • Active and healthy aging
  • Models of care
  • Social inclusion
  • Home of the future and accessibility
  • Sun
  • Silver Economy

The defined challenges set the strategic reference framework for the Adinberri Observatory's prospective intelligence system and should guide the Foundation's Strategic Innovation Agenda for the future.

Download the Challenges

From this point on, the prospective intelligence system develops periodic reports and documents on these challenges in order to provide knowledge about their possible future evolution and contribute to a better decision-making process, ultimately.