About SIA

SIA is the reference platform of the ADINBERRI Foundation for the exchange of knowledge, identification of trends and design of futures associated with the main challenges of aging in Gipuzkoa.
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SIA is configured as an open platform for the exchange of information and knowledge about aging in Gipuzkoa, the Basque Country and in the societies of our environment, in its biological, psychological, social, socio-sanitary dimension, the physical and economic environment that contributes to the excellence and sustainability of the comprehensive care model for the elderly and the development of a competitive industry aimed at generating quality employment.

For this purpose, SIA identifies, selects, classifies and records the most relevant existing knowledge and information (social policies, research, training, economy and employment, health, etc.). To date, thereafter, they will be constantly updated.

In this way, public institutions, private initiative, knowledge centers and social initiative entities are provided with knowledge for decision-making in their short, medium and long-term strategic planning.

In addition, the SIA carries out research work to identify the main long-term trends in aging, performing a comprehensive analysis of the main transforming global forces that will define the future world with impact on personal societies, economies, This includes carrying out studies of the situation of society facing them, deriving the critical factors in the future of society.

Finally, and in close collaboration with the agents of the ADINBERRI Ecosystem, SIA identifies the main challenges of aging to be undertaken in Gipuzkoa in the coming years, as well as the strategic agenda associated with each of them that allows anticipation and its transformation into opportunities for development and finally in progress and social well-being.

In this regard, SIA carries out a set of relevant activities mentioned below:

  • Social, economic and demographic indicators
  • Documents specializing in the field of aging
  • Interviews and dialogues with relevant persons
  • Qualified searches and systematic reviews
  • Thematic reports
  • Analysis of studies and review of results
  • Detection of the needs and interests of the agents of the ADINBERRI Ecosystem
  • Organization of meetings and webinars
  • Dissemination via social networks (e.>g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. )
  • Selection of outstanding experiences
  • Analysis of future trends in the sector
  • Identification of key variables for the articulation of a prospective surveillance system
  • Definition of the constituent elements of the watchdog system
  • Definition and composition of a Committee of Experts
  • Delphi consultations with local and international experts

In addition, SIA carries out, inter alia, all activities aimed at:

  • Facilitate the cocreation, publication and sharing of new knowledge
  • Encourage and develop partnerships to generate innovation initiatives and projects to improve the quality of life of older people and to respond to the social challenges of ageing
  • Promotion of open platforms that promote spaces for collaboration and social innovation
  • Diffusion of successful practices and experiences in innovation in replicable aging in Gipuzkoa
  • Strengthening, extending and connecting spaces or professional forums for systematization, supervision and participation
  • Promotion of tractors projects in the field of innovation in aging
  • Fostering participation in European Projects and other innovative activities under European programmes

Finally, in order to carry out all these functions and make available to technical staff and entities working in this field, as well as to citizens in general, this SIA website presents the following services:

  • A Knowledge Space that offers access to a specialized content fund in the field of aging, classified based on relevant topics. The documentary background collects and gives access to the main published content in this field (studies, trials, reports, scientific articles, strategic plans, etc.). from both the Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country and the societies around us. The fund also includes content in a wide range of formats from publications, courses, presentations, videos, audio, software, databases, dashboards, etc.
  • A section of Own Publications containing:
    • Thematic reports generated by the SIA research team and covering the themes addressed in the platform, which carry out in-depth analysis of specific topics within the challenges and areas of opportunity of Adinberri. These reports are designed as tools for identifying trends in the field of ageing.
    • Studies and results (factsheets). These publications consist of brief thematic analyses prepared by SIA, based on rigorous national and international research. Analyses are conceived as tools for generating and disseminating specialized knowledge. Publications will mainly be based on two elements: (i) Reflection on current issues or special interest; and (ii) Presentation of results of research, studies or statistical data on the field of ageing.
  • Request for information: possibility to request information not found on the web about ageing data in Gipuzkoa.
  • A Datebase that makes available to all those interested in aging – public or private entities, researchers, citizens, etc. – the main descriptive and evolving indicators in this area. The indicators are articulated according to different dimensions of the thematic lines related to the activity and objectives of the Adinberri Foundation. For each of the dimensions, access is given to a series of control tables or visualizations with different indicators and variables.
  • Depending on the periodicity of updating data, every two to three months, an indicator or scoreboard will be highlighted in the Indicator Analysis section, for which an in-depth analysis will be developed highlighting the most relevant aspects of it.
  • Dialogues present discussions and interviews with reference experts at both the national and international levels.
  • The Prospective section contains the Lookout System, which is a tool that combines human intelligence with advanced knowledge management technologies to recognize, from partial data monitoring, dominant trends and establish or correct probable scenarios through short and medium term actions.
  • The Agenda, which presents information on the days, workshops, webinars and events planned (with the possibility of prior registration) and those carried out in recent years by SIA (where you can access all presentations and information collected about them).
  • News acompiles the main press news related to SIA.
  • The Bulletin of trends of four-monthly periodicity, addressing the ongoing activity in SIA.